Sint Maarten Shipyard

November 13 – December 1

Seems we spend a lot of time in shipyards. Oh yeah, we live on a boat, which requires more TLC than, a two year old, I think. Fortunately, the yard didn’t haul us out on schedule (does this bode well for finishing the work on time?), so we remained in the water with shore power (thus aircon) and no ladder to climb, etc.

The ship yard uses a hydraulic lift, which is less stressful, well, for the boat anyway.

st maarten shipyard haul out frank

Athenea on training wheels.

st maarten shipyard haul out on wheels

Judy working out.

st maarten shipyard haul out judy

Frank directing operations.

st maarten shipyard haul out

Butterflies are everywhere on the island. Frank described it as snow-like.

st maarten shipyard butterflies

st maarten shipyard flower butterfly


It’s great being on a French island, fabulous food, wine and people. We love it. We are going for the 10 year visa now, with the usual bureaucracy. We even found our favorite yogurt among other favorites.  And a new Carrefour French grocery store is opening, though surprisingly located on the Dutch side.  And the Dutch side’s not so bad either!

st maarten shipyard overlook

st maarten shipyard stork

We snorkeled a few times in Little Bay, threw dice and played some cards at the casino several times, dined on French food most of the time, took care of the boat all of the time, prepped for our US trip and scouted the marina in Anse Marcel, and even occasionally relaxed.

Anse Marcel is where we will call home upon our return.

st maarten shipyard anse marcel

Bad News – the microwave/convection/grill oven died, fortunately without smoking the boat. Good news – the Dutch side sells 110V appliances.

Arriving back to the condo after dark and still wanting a dip in our private pool on our last night, clothing optional seemed appropriate. Too bad about the surveillance camera we later spotted overhead – they’ll get over it, eventually.

On to the USA in the morning… Let’s see how the flights go this round.

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