Back to Sint Maarten Shipyard & First Guests & Anse Marcel

February 3 – 11

We returned to the shipyard and jumped immediately back into wrapping up the maintenance and repairs. And the 82 degree temperatures are much hotter than you would think.

st martin shipyard heronThe boat has been in ‘stow mode’ since preparing for departure from the Mediterranean in October, 4ish months. Two days back and Athenea was successfully lifted into the water. Frank and I are on the boat which is on the lift with the guy below using a joy stick to line us up.

st martin shipyard back in waterThe contractors and Frank continued putting the ‘final’ touches on the yard work. We continued to re-stow stuff, shuffle a glut of stuff out of every nook and cranny, find bedding (and beds), buy groceries, check engines, take down canvas, etc.

And our first guests of the season…

Bud and Jonathon arrived two days later during the final quarter of Superbowl, which Frank and I were watching at the nearby casino. Frank went to fetch them whilst I stayed to cry in my beer, well, bourbon. So it’s on me for Carolina dropping the ball, oh well, they had a good run this season. And who doesn’t like Peyton?

st martin shipyard restaurant

We planned to depart the shipyard for our winter home in Anse Marcel, a quiet spot in the northwest leeward coast on the French side. Those last minute final touches on the boat repairs stretched a few more days. Then our departure was foiled due to incorrectly published bridge opening times. What – are we still in the Mediterranean??? Of course we double checked several references but alas… Our original plan to anchor along the beaches up to Anse Marcel was thwarted, so we motored along the coast taking in the beautiful scenery, arriving the day before Bud and Jonathan’s departing flights.

st martin shipyard bud jonathan underway

So Bud and Jonathon got a good peak of the real life aboard. Since Jonathan was starting a new job the following week, this was the only time they could visit and they knew we were not fully functional yet. They took everything in stride, independently seeking out entertainment for themselves since Frank and I had to continue getting the boat, and ourselves, back in order. They watched/felt the jets landing overhead (a top things to do from good ole Trip Advisor), stormed a fortress, visited 4 beaches – French and Dutch, and deciphered the local bus system (even though we had a car and could have fetched them). We enjoyed visiting with them at yummy French restaurants and not so yummy on-board breakfasts, showed them our craps ‘strategies’ which involves the house taking our money, and hopefully didn’t offend them too much during the yes, Med mooring, at Anse Marcel.

st martin shipyard l'escargot


From our aft deck in Anse Marcel marina, we see lots of critters and beautiful trees on the hills.

anse marsel dock view with iguna

There’s nearby beaches, swimming pool, restaurants. The internet varies from full streaming to just ok. A great spot to relax for a couple of months.

Now this is living the life. Pass the Maker’s Mark, bring on the fois gras, and roll the dice.

anse marsel rainbow

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One thought on “Back to Sint Maarten Shipyard & First Guests & Anse Marcel

  1. Barbara Hardy

    Sounds wonderful! Sorry we missed seeing you all on your last visit to VA…perhaps the next time.

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