Recuperating in Anse Marcel

February 12 – March 26

What to do in St Martin for over a month?  Time flies when you’re being a bum, having fun, laying in the sun and sipping on rum.

st martin am boat with cover

In no particular rhyme or reason:

Petted an iguana (will get that pic soon I hope) and watched the hummingbirds while lounging (and swimming) at the pool.

st martin am frank at pool

st martin am hummingbird

Walked on the beach.

Watched the iguanas, feral cats (one kept sneaking on the boat at night), birds, fish and such from the aft deck and walking down the dock.

st martin am iguana tree

Saw four dolphins up close and personal on our first dive in over 2 years – what a welcome back!

After almost 500 dives (for me, who knows for Frank), got the Advanced Open Water Certificate, including drift, deep water, navigation, shipwreck and night dives.  Not the most desirable boat or conditions, but the staff was super helpful, even bringing the cart to our boat to fetch our gear and give us updates.

st martin am scuba zen boat

With the diving certificates done, and guest arriving today, we’ll try our new snorkels soon.  Gayle might even like these as you breath normally through your nose.

st martin am new snorkel

The ocean water temperature is a fabulous 79 degrees, unlike the Mediterranean which is way less than 70 in high summer.  And air temps ranging from 70 at night to 82 in the day.  And lots of wind to keep things cool, which should be blowing in our direction of travel when we depart.

Found a really interesting amphibious boat called Iguana.

st martin am amph boat

Saw several rainbows.

Leapt into the French visa renewal process.  Three visits and four months later, well, we’re not there yet.

Staying afloat playing craps at the casino, Frank’s strategy balancing with mine.

Enjoyed lots of French food – on the boat (thanks to a nearby trattoria which has great lunches, croissants and coffee as well), in gourmet restaurants, in ‘lolo’ casual restaurants, with and without other boaters.  Explored some very interesting rums, including one whose name I dare not mention.

st martin am frank at tastavin


st martin am at dinner

st martin am BBD Dark Chocolate

‘Suffered’ through massages that weren’t up to ‘Bud’ quality at the nearby hotel.

st martin am hotel

Actually streamed Netflix sometimes, and had good internet service.

Got ‘trapped’ on French side of St Martin due to protests/demonstrations about local land ownership.

Missed the full moon party – too tired to rumble.  And missed the local cruising women’s gathering – service staff on board.  Another time perhaps.

And then there were the boat things – cussing and fussing of course.  All told, things were well and good.  Until… 2 days before 4 guests arrive the water system gets an attitude which compels the hot water system to also act up.

st martin am frank at work

And then there were the mosquitoes, will it be Zika, Malaria, Chikungunya and/or Dengue?  Shall we start a campaign to totally eradicate mosquitoes???  Are they really necessary?  Bermuda, here we come.

Obviously, didn’t take a lot of pics – did I mention the rum?

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One thought on “Recuperating in Anse Marcel

  1. Jackie

    It all sounds wonderful — well most of it anyway — I can’t wait to get there!!!
    ILBCNU very soon! Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!!!

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