St Martin Last Days

April 4 – April 12

The hot water system is proving to be an enigma, though possibly corrected.  Time will tell the tale.

Kennedy and Liam gave us a great card.  Misu is in the top left corner (white cat).
st martin final days kids card

Frank successfully tracked down a free swimming octopus on our night dive at Creole Rock, as well as, a large green moray.  The two tank day dive a couple of days later was about the same as the previous ones, except for the of the school of barracuda. Even with the calmer seas, there is a persistent, significant sweeping surge.

We said our good byes to local friends at drinks and dinners.

I am beginning to see a correlation of craps to boating – there are ups and downs with lots of bumps along the way, and of course, it’s dicey.  And ultimately you lose all of your money as a result.  I guess we just like the excitement.  Our casino Royal.

st martin final days casino

Jackie arrived in her usual style, all class, and will stay with us through the USVI.  She was greeted in her room by the bridge dummy dudes (gag gifts at a going away party that have accompanied us on our voyage) and a bottle of special rum (ignore me taking the pic as I forgot about that mirror!).

st martin final days dudes jackie bbd

Over two days we circumnavigated the island via car, seeing the highlights of the French and Dutch sides.  The foie gras at Bacchus was yummy, as was the crème brulee with gingerbread ice cream.

st martin final days creme brulee

The lobster in Grand Case was, well, grand.

st martin final days lobsterDarn if the shops in Phillipsburg weren’t closed on a Sunday with no cruise ship in port.

st martin final days phillipsburgThe snorkeling at Little Bay was probably our best yet with calmer sea state and good visibility, marine life and lots of sunken structures – airplane, statues, helicopter, bells, anchors, submarine, etc.  I even treated to a conger eel free swim for a minute before disappearing into the rocks.  While we missed the big planes taking off at Maho Bay Beach creating major jet wash, we did catch a gorgeous sunset.

st martin final days maho

st martin final days maho sunset

We dined at a lovely Simpson Bay restaurant – Vesna’s, in honor of our friend in VA.

st martin final days vesna restaurant toesJackie won $500 in 5 minutes at The Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Casino Royal.  I knew she would be good luck and had she tried her hand at craps, I may have even switched from the dark side of the table.

After last minute errands, we hit the Anse Marcel beach, pool, shops and restaurants in a final farewell.

st martin final days pool
st martin final days anse marcel beachI finally got pics of the iguana petting..
st martin final days jackie iguana st martin final days judy iguana

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One thought on “St Martin Last Days

  1. Jackie

    And a fabulous time was had by all. It was heavenly! I can’t thank you enough!

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