BVI Virgin Gorda – The Bitter End & the Baths


April 13 – 15

After catching the mooring ball and Frank checking us into the BVI’s, we crashed our first morning in the Bitter End area of the north sound in Virgin Gorda, too early for cocktails.

BVI virgin gorda mooring field

Speaking of cocktails, we found a ginger liquor in St Martin just as we were departing, which pairs nicely with bourbon, better than a Jack & Ginger.

After checking into BVI, we had a late lunch/early dinner at the pub and crashed again.

BVI virgin gorda pub crawl

I’m happy to report Frank successfully resuscitated the hot water system only moments after calling it a goner.

Frank promoted Jackie to able bodied seaman after doing so well with disembarking from the dock, watches, dinghy operations, mooring, etc.

Our snorkel at Eustatia Sound was quite good, lots of fish and good visibility in turquoise waters, even seeing a turtle surfacing on the dinghy ride back. Jackie described her first backward entry roll into the water from the dinghy as “cool”, and I’m happy to report we managed to get ourselves back into the dinghy.

BVI virgin gorda dinghy ride

An interesting man helped us up out of the dinghy at the town dinghy dock – note the beard.  We later discovered he was from Frank’s old stomping grounds in the NC mountains, and another fellow whose brother lived on the same street as Jackie in Michigan – truly a small world.

BVI virgin gorda beard guy

Frank continues with his maritime ambassador responsibilities and exchanged burgees with the Bitter End Yacht Club, followed by drinks and dinner at the clubhouse afterwards.

BVI virgin gorda clubhouse

While not on our original agenda, The Baths are promoted to be ‘the’ place to go in Virgin Gorda.  So we detoured the short distance to the opposite, not bitter, end of Virgin Gorda and hooked a mooring.  I thought the caves at the Baths were accessible from the water and we could snorkel in – not so.  After snorkeling to land, we traversed a few of the cave ‘rooms’, swam in one of the enclosed Baths, and aborted before the rope assisted climb around a bolder set to committed us the hike 2 ½ beaches away.  Interesting.

BVI virgin gorda bath shoreline




When we got back to our dinghy, the novices beside us were trying to get back into their dinghy – no ladder and no upper body strength.  Frank let them board our ladder and cross over to their dinghy.  Does make you wonder who is handling some of these vessel?  People just like me!

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