BVI – Great Camanoe, Jost Van Dyke

April 15 – 17

The trek over to the private island of Great Camanoe was calm and windless.  The cove Frank chose goes back to an ‘exercise’ he did in the Navy – how many years ago?  Lee Harbor is not listed in the cruising guide and there was only one boat anchored there.

BVI GC Jost Camanoe approachGorgeous and quiet. The following morning began with a snorkel around the bay where we saw pelicans, small golden eel, tuna (yes, tuna), large puffer, anemone, nudibranch, and lots of fish.

bvi gc jost camanoe depart

We viewed scenic Tortola on the windless cruise across to Grand Harbor, Jost Van Dyke.  The boat hook leaped into the drink, luckily after I’d snagged the mooring – oops!?!  The ‘it’ place to go in Jost is Foxy’s.

bvi gc jost foxy sign

Frank was here in the late 70’s.  Foxy’s has expanded and now offers a full retail store, in which Jackie spent some time and even Frank bought something.

bvi gc jost jost beach

The BBQ dinner was good, and I managed to get one dance out of Frank before we left, leaving Jackie vulnerable to the advances of Foxy’s son, who earlier gave us a diatribe about American government – lucky us?  Foxy used to hang around and entertain guests, I guess the son has his own style.

bvi gc jost foxy bar

Frank signed us up for the Small Vessel Reporting System, and Jackie managed to get a clearance before her trip.  Since we couldn’t get an internet signal at the boat to post our USVI entry clearance, Frank went ashore and happened upon Foxy himself, some 40 years later.

bvi gc jost foxy frank

Jackie and I cooled off for a bit.

bvi gc jost swim

Frank was successful in fetching the boat hook that had somehow found its way into the 55’ drink – whoo hoo!

bvi gc jost boathook recovery

bvi gc jost boathook recovery 2

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