USVI – Caneel Bay, St John

April 17 – 22

The short motor over to Caneel Bay was again in flat seas and no wind.  Yes, Katherine, where were those calm seas when y’all were here?

usvi st john passage judy

Checking into the country using the Small Vessel Reporting System was interesting.  Once in the USA destination, a phone call to a national number is required to verify entry.  However, the national phone number listed on the CBP website was answered by a marketing company?  Once the local immigration number was found, we were told we were successfully checked into the country – unless the officer called us back.

After a snorkel to and along the shoreline in search of the resident octopus, we went into the Caneel Bay Resort for a grand dinner at the beautiful old Sugar Mill.

usvi st john caneel sugar mill restaurant

usvi st john caneel zozo restaurant view

usvi st john caneel zozo restaurant


Once back from dinner, a shiver (look it up) of sharks was circling around the aft of the boat, where the light had been left on for our return.  Yikes!  They must be waiting for our next guest crew – Addison, who is mad about sharks.

usvi st john shark

On land, we’ve seen deer, feral donkeys left over from the sugar plantation days, and chickens in town.

usvi st john donkey

A day in town reconning the ferry, shopping, dining and drinking rounded out the trip, with the sharks again greeting us aft, and they brought a friend – a bat.  The bat flew back and forth in the light for hours taking the occasional small fish couldn’t catch that on camera.

usvi st john cruz bay

usvi st john dinghy sunset

After a fabulous visit, Jackie took the dinghy to Cruz Bay, ferry to Red Rock in St Thomas, shuttle/taxi to the airport and reported a safe arrival back in Virginia.

usvi st john bon voyage sign

usvi st john jackie ferry

Frank practiced his Swift Water Rescue skills when young girl got tired and floundered in the heavy surge snorkeling nearby as we were loading into our dinghy.  Then he got to practice his Paramedic skills for the father who got into the sea urchins trying to get to his daughter.  BTW, Frank was offered (another) paramedic/teaching job here in the Caribbean.  I think that makes four offers now.  No octopus on this snorkel either; I think it is birthing season as there were no signs either.

Frank went by the immigration office to clarify the check-in procedures in Culebra and Vieques, Spanish Virgin Islands.  The official was vague at first, then opening up after sharing a root beer, simplifying our check-in and thus our chosen course.

Addison wins the smallest suitcase award, with stuff he brought for us outweighing his own.

usvi st john addison ferry


usvi st john addison arrival

After settling in we headed into town for dinner, walkabout and grocery run, leaving the light on in the aft of the boat.  As hoped, the sharks were there in force, or shiver, to greet him!  Welcome aboard!

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