Mayaguana, Bahamas

May 11 to 12

As the passage to Mayaguana was expected to be about 15 hours, we docked overnight on the fuel dock and were up at the crack of dawn to navigate our way out of the narrow passage at Turtle Cove Marina in Turks & Caicos, using the cookie crumbs from our arrival.  We motorsailed most of the way so as not to arrive in Mayaguana at dark, where we once again had to wind our way into a shallow and coral scattered Abaham Bay.  Me thinks this will be SOP in the shallow Bahamian waters. The passage to Mayaguana gave Jack and Maddy a chance to get their feet wet before an overnight passage.

bahamas mayaguana helm

We arrived in time for immigration but alas, the dinghy motor misbehaved so Frank didn’t go until the next morning.  We cooled off with stingrays, barracuda, sand dollars, etc.  We found an anchor extending to within two feet of the surface creating a hazard to navigation, which Jack later tagged with water bottle and Frank informed the locals.

I dared to think, but not speak, we have had no breakage the boat in a while, knocked on wood, etc., but it was bound to happen eventually.  Even though we had pushed to arrive on time, the dinghy outboard chose this time to not work.  Scully, who was recommended to us by the couple we met in T & C and a cruising guide, fetched Frank and towed the dinghy to shore.  No joy on the dinghy repair.  And customs insisted Frank redo all of the paperwork on site, without so much as a glance at his pre-prepared ones.

Maddy struck the quarantine flag and we were free to move about the island, only we had no dinghy to do so.  So we split for our next stop post haste, dodging coral heads and following our cookie crumbs out.



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