Nassau, Bahamas


May 16 – 21

On the overnight passage from Half Moon Cay to Nassau, the wind, and thus all three sails, were up!


A ship was headed directly toward us during my night shift OTW to Nassau.  I hailed them on the radio twice with no response, so I added on the third call that we were ‘under sail’.  M/Y Helios finally responded by merely saying ‘I see you’, and after my acknowledgement added that his vessel was towing – all totally inappropriate protocol; and irrelevant, as sailing vessels have right of way over tow, plus we had positional right of way.  After waking Frank for an assist, he came to an accord with the misbehaving captain.  When we passed Helios – his ‘tow’ turned out to be his center console dinghy.  Later, in Nassau, the marina staff confirmed the Helios crew exhibited unbecoming behavior in the marina as well.

Frank adeptly wiggled Athenea into our tight dock space in the Atlantis Marina.  Jack told us he overheard some guys on a nearby boat commenting that they couldn’t have docked that!

bahamas nassau slip

This spotted eagle ray was just off the dock.

bahamas nassau eagle ray off dock

Paradise Island is quite a change from the quiet islands we have visited in the last week.  Atlantis should be called Fantasy Island.  Frank and I enjoyed a visit to Atlantis a few years ago when he won a trip at a conference.

bahamas nassau atlantis panaramic

For the next three days, we played in the Current, a mile long tubing river with rapids, waves, tunnels, and other ‘exciting’ features.  Plus two tall structures with 9 separate ‘slides’.


I managed two of the slides, one leaving a 5 inch bruise across my behind, the other much more enjoyable.  Jack and Maddy did all of the slides, several times.

Maddy is in the foreground with the tube and Jack shooting out of the slide.


I crashed and burned the last day, catapulted out of my tube at the beginning of the rapids, thus dragging along for 50-ish feet or so, half underwater.  Since I couldn’t get myself back in the tube, I had to go to the next entry with stairs to plop back into the tube, and off again.  Frank and I also enjoyed the Lazy River, which would have been more fun without a tube but the lifeguard wouldn’t allow this departure from acceptable procedures.

Views from the Lazy River…



In addition to the Lazy and Fast Rivers, there are numerous aquariums, open water lagoon habitats, pools, fountains, beaches, etc. I won’t try to list or take pics as I wouldn’t do it justice.

This seahorse is great…



and Frank with eels as usual…




The casino was ok but the table minimums were higher so our play money didn’t last as long.

The best restaurant we found was the Chinese one in Atlantis, the Peking duck was fairly good.  Otherwise, Atlantis’ food was expensive and so so.

The final of the billiard competition pitted Maddy and Frank (who was only allowed to shoot left handed) against Jack and me, and yes, we were victorious.

bahamas nassau billiards

Overall, a nice change of pace and good marina. And, in and amongst all that, Frank got the dinghy fixed- yeah!

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