Charleston, SC USA 2016

May 31 – June 7 2016 (very late posting; fortunately written at the time or else I would have forgotten all)

Jack and Maddy were fetched by their mom – Stephanie, who brought champagne to celebrate our arrival, followed by dinner out.  We wished them a fare well.

Frank’s family came to visit for the day – Karu, Sumner, Carter and Kathy.

We ate at a great restaurant – Hominy Grill and then Jeni’s ice cream scoop shop (my favorite American ice cream and first time at one of their scoop shops) to celebrate Kathy’s birthday.

After a drive past some historic sites, we strolled around The Battery and headed back to quarters for a break.

After being delayed by boat line modifications, road accidents, and street flooding, we celebrated Frank’s upcoming birthday at McCrady’s, a somewhat limited restaurant despite its awards.  Happy Birthday Hubby!!!


And Happy Birthday Mom!


A visit by a dolphin in the harbor.

I visited a couple of the local gardens – Magnolia and Boone Hall Plantations.  WAY too hot.  Flowers, butterfly gardens, orchid conservatory, petting zoo, alligators, lots of birds, historic houses, 1500 year old oak trees, wetlands, etc.  Lovely.





We found a really good local restaurant – Page’s Okra Grill, where we ate morning, noon, and night.  Shrimp and grits, biscuits, lima beans, sweet potatoes, hush puppies and of course, fried okra.  Yum!  And inexpensive as well.

In addition to my brother in law, Keith, who has adeptly crewed with us several times before, and his brother Phil, we found additional crew from the Chesapeake Bay SpinSheets – Jeff.  We initially met Roger and Addison through SpinSheets back in 2003.

Storm Colin paid us a visit.  Frank insured the impact would be minimal by installing me in a hotel room at the marina resort, so the tropical storm diminished and headed east.  Definitely worth the cost of a hotel room.  Plus – a bonus of a long hot shower and bath.  Yeah!  We altered plans several times to avoid Storm Colin, a very unpredictable storm which fortunately did not impact Charleston.

Charleston is a lovely city with lots of great history, attractions, restaurants, medical care, transportation, etc.  It’s hot and muggy though. And we encountered a swarm of what appeared to be termites upon arrival, and flies upon departure, which stayed with us as we cruised along.  Who won the most flies killed contest?  Surprisingly, not as many mosquitoes as I expected.

Immediately upon Keith and Phil’s arrival, we were off to the Chesapeake Bay and our home port of Maryland Yacht Club.  Hopefully arriving in 3 – 5 days.

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