about MSV Athenea

Built more for comfort more than speed, though she’s been logged at 20+ knots.  Like us, she’s got some age on her.  Unlike us, she has been significantly refurbished.  We purchased her in 2000 out of Auckland, New Zealand, and moved her to Singapore where Frank and I were living.  Transferring ownership at the US Consulate in Bali enroute is yet another story. On Frank’s inaugural blue water voyage on Athenea from Auckland to New Caledonia, he encountered 40’ seas for 3 consecutive days sans autopilot.  As Franks says, she can handle a lot more than we can. The original owner/captain and his first mate were down with seasickness, leaving Frank to break her in (or him depending on your viewpoint) with two rookies.

We sailed and motored about in Asia for a couple of years:  Indonesia, a Shellback equator crossing, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  Then shipped Athenea slung on the back of a freighter like a dinghy to the south of France, where she stayed mostly in the Marseilles to Montpelier areas, including the beautiful Le Camargue.  When repatriating to US, we loaded her on Dockwise for the transatlantic crossing, as it was late winter and Frank was working.  After bringing her from Fort Lauderdale to the Chesapeake Bay, she has been our week-end retreat, with numerous facelifts, finding a home in the Maryland Yacht Club.

As mentioned earlier, Athenea was born in the Austral Yards in Auckland, New Zealand in 1984.  She has grown into a very comfortable, 60’ Catamaran Motorsailer complete with Pilot House design (which gives full control of the sail plan without having to go on the weather decks.)  Early in her sailing career with the original owner, she was dismasted during a typhoon in Guam and now sports a 200mph, wind tunnel tested cutter rig.  She has a 30’ beam and sports a spacious, screened in cockpit for relaxing.  During her recent refit, she got a complete new wardrobe of sails, including a new spinnaker.  Her engines (140hp Cummins Diesels) were replaced and the electronics, electrical, galley, and environmental systems completely updated.  This update include new solar, hydro, and diesel generation capability ensuring power availability in almost every condition. She has stateroom berths for 7, although the best spot is in the nets.  She’s ready to rock and roll but not too much roll since she is a catamaran.

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