About Frank – Jack of all Trades, Master of Many

Boat Related

Recreational Boating 49 years, US Navy (25 years), Hatch Captain, Naval Expeditionary Force, Maritime Prepositioned Ship (MPS) Cargo, Officer of the Deck, Weapons Officer, Communications Officer, Ocean Navigation, Shipboard Firefighter, Damage Control Leader, Small Boat Cox’n, Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate, Shipboard Safety Program, Shipboard Security Program, Hazardous/Explosive Materials Instructor, International Captain’s Endorsement (Singapore), ASA 100-200-300 series, MARS Operator, Celestial Navigation, National Registry Paramedic (Independent Duty, Instructor), Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Swiftwater Boat Operations, USCG Safe Boating Course, USCG 100 Ton Master (w/ 200 ton Sail Endorsement).

Ocean racing crew onboard 80’ Swan (bow); 110’ trimaran (helm, bow)

Blue water experience includes:  Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, South Pacific (Tasman Sea, Coral Sea, S. China Sea, Java Sea), Indian Ocean.  Coastal throughout.


Born in 1957 in Columbia, SC
Boating since he could walk, possible crawl
Boy Scout which qualities endure          
Licensed to drive an ambulance before he was licensed to drive a car at age 14
Paramedic for 40 years (nice to have in the middle of the ocean)
Volunteer chief at the Great Falls VA fire department for the last 5 years
Graduated college at age 15, first time around
Over 2000 sport and technical dives, former instructor
20+ years IT consultant, including international; CIO for three organizations
Board member for World Police and Fire Game, Fairfax County VA 2015
Board governor of Maryland Yacht Club
Speaks several languages
Extensive training and experience in survival and emergency situations
Interest/Hobbies/Etc.:  Skiing, pilot, policeman, PC gamer, musician, expert marksman, dog lover, mountain climbing, instructor, sky diving
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One thought on “Frank

  1. John Evans

    Just met Frank and his consort Judy today at the Offshore Sailing Seminar in Annapolis. Frank could teach the course himself and them some. Great to have them both along as we prepare to make the crossing to from Portsmouth to Portugal starting in May.

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